fredag 8 maj 2015

New brand

First up, let me start by apologizing for my somewhat erratic blogging of late. I've had a rather intense couple of weeks at work and my evenings have been spent playing Candy crush soda and other such meaningful pastimes. Hopefully things will ease up at work and I'll find my craft mojo again. 

This little cutie pie I just couldn't resist when I found her at Panduro (a chain of craft stores, like Michael's) and since Anna's been considering selling this particular brand of stamps, from Scrapberry, I did't feel too bad about bringing her home. This way Anna'll know that it's good stuff and not the cheap, slick, kind of clearstamps. A win-win situation, right? (We have a running joke at the store about Panduro. Shopping there is like being unfaithful and the P-word is forbidden, the "He who must not be mentioned" of the scrapworld. On a side note, we have a new computer system at work called Voldemort. Isn't that sort of omnious?!)

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