måndag 16 mars 2015

CAS extreme

A while back I boasted to Darnell that I don't have any NBUS* in my stash. Weeeeell.... going through my Lawn Fawn-sets I found the Science of Love set and realized that I blatantly LIED to Darnell. Or actually, it wasn't an outright lie. Normally my new schtuff gets to sit on my desk until used  but I remember having to clear up the scrappy clutter due to the inconvenience of guests coming to the house (hubby's got some nerve making me clear away my crative chaos!) So the stamps got put away unused. I'm sorry Darnell, I promise I wont let it happen again! 

And to put things right I just felt I had to make a card and voila!

Dreadful coloring! That's what happens when you realize you've used the wrong ink for Copics and the wrong paper for watercolors.....

*Never Been Used Schtuff

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Becca Cruger sa...

Hahaha - your cleaning process sounds like mine! Inconvenience of guests, indeed!! I'm glad you pulled these guys out from your stash, though, because they are super adorable!