lördag 31 januari 2015


Som alltid när jag kommer hem från ett onsdagspyssel, eller från att ha hållit en kurs, så är jag ännu mer pysselnödig. Plus att jag ville leka med nya stämplar och dies. Lilla hamstern kommer från "Party posse" och texten + glasögonen från Incognito, båda från Paper smooches. Alla dies hör ihop i ett set från Simon says stamp, valda delar har jag färgat in med distress ink, Mowed lawn. Färglagt har jag för ovanlighetens skull gjort genom att plocka färg från mina distress ink pads. Nä, inte min grej. 

For those of you just joining me - or actually are just now getting to understand what I'm blabbering about - I need to fill you in on a few things: 1) One of my best friends owns her own scrapbook store (Pyssloteket) of which I'm a part of the design team. Oh yes. It gets expensive. Especially since she lets us have a say in what to order for the store. The possibilities are endless. So are my receipts.  2) Her store is located app. 2 blocks from my house. Catching! Hear those coins rolling? (Coins?! Who am I fooling? We're all scrappers, right? Takes one to know one) 3) Wednesday nights we have a little scrappy get together at the store. Even if I bring my  own stuff there's always something I reeeeally need for the project I'm working on. Weird, huh?

As always when I get back home from one of our Wednesday night dates, or after teaching a class, I need som further release for the creative juices that have been building up. I just have to sit down at my own table for a while otherwise I might burst. Imagine the mess that would make all over the bedroom floor. Can't have that!  Also, I really wanted to play with my new stamps and dies. *blah blah blah lots of brand names* For once I tried my hand at coloring with distress ink pads, by picking up color with a brush. Only to realize, once again, that nope, brushes aren't my thing. 

Sen vill jag bara meddela att jag hade inte alls för avsikt att köpa "Party posse" men sen kom Malin med dessa två och då var det ju klippt. Nu har vi slutit en pakt: vi får bara göra fula kort med saker som den andra inte äger!

Also, Your Honour, I would like the record to show that I did not intend to buy the Party posse stamp set but then my friend and design team colleague Malin came up with these two cards and that did it for me. Now we've made a pact: we're only allowed to make ugly cards if we're using stuff the other one doesn't have in her stash.

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Becca Cruger sa...

Haha - so cute! This made me grin from ear-to-ear!