onsdag 22 juli 2015


I'm on vacation in the south of France, in Nice to be exact. Our biggest concerns right now is which beach to go to, which restaurant to eat at, which pre-dinner drink to have. I've been down here for two weeks, hubby & daughter for four weeks. That we're in a mellow state of mind is understating it....  We're heading back north Friday morning and according to the weather reports we're going home to rain and 15 degrees (Celsius, not Farenheit thank God!). It's been like... 36 degrees down here so I'm guessing I'll be freezing my not so little behind off when I come home. But hey, rain and bad weather equals scrapping time, right? And oh boy do I have an itch to scratch craft!

In between turning pages in my book and opening another cold drink I do have some coherent thought. My main concern right now is weather or not to continue blogging. I've been thinking about switching to Instagram since it's so much easier. I don't know how many of you there is out there, listening to my ramblings and looking at my creations (of varying quality).... Those of you who visit regularly, do you IG as well? Let me know your thoughts on the matter. 

Sweaty greetings from Nice! I'll leave you with a few pics of what my days are like.

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