lördag 20 juni 2015

Midsummer's day

This weekend we're doing some serious celebrating here in Sweden. Summer solstice is upon us and we indulge in good food, drinks and games to celebrate some ancient pagan traditions. Last night was Midsummer's eve and I'm guessing not too few of my friends are nursing some major headaches today as the "drinks" part of the festivities tend to take centre stage. Swedes might be a tight a** bunch but give them a shot of vodka (generally followed by five or six more of them), a maypole and some pickled herring and man oh man.... By the end of the evening there'll be everything from frivolous dancing to fist fights and/or declarations of undying devotion. Nope. Swedes and hard liqour. Not a good match. 

Of course I'm overdoing it a bit but sadly there IS a strong swedish "tradition" that it's okay to get hammered on some holidays, Midsummer's eve being one. I know my friends are smart and considerate people so I hope none of you took offense!

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