lördag 2 maj 2015

Altenew - scribbled flowers

I've seen tons and tons of cards out there made with all kinds of gorgeous stamps from Altenew. I got myself the Scribbled flowers set a few months ago and after several failed attempts I put them to the side and figured they'd end up in the "things I hope someone else will buy from me"-box. (I actually don't hoard stamps! If I don't like/use them, I sell them! Who'd have guessed, huh?)

Then the other night I decided to give them one last chance, this time together with med new Hero arts inks. And lo and behold! All of a sudden it just came together. Veeeery clean and simple with just two shades of ink and a black sentiment. Actually, it was a bit too clean and I didn't know how to continue so I just added a few droplets of black dylusions ink spray.

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