tisdag 7 april 2015

Back to reality

Yup, that sure is what it feels like today after a few wonderful days in Copenhagen. It involved a little bit of shopping but a whole lot of walking. I don't know the last time my poor feet suffered so badly (due to a not so wise choice of shoes)! On the other hand, considering all the delicious food, beer and pastries we stuffed our faces with, we probably should have walked twice as much...

Well, at least there's some small comfort in knowing this "Monday" isn't really a Monday but actually a Tuesday. May Friday come swiftly.... 

Today I'm sharing a card using my sadly abandoned washi tape and alphabet dies (from Lawn fawn). I really like the combination black/yellow/red!

Hope your Easter/Passover/few days off from work was delightful!
Thanks for stopping by!

"Hej" is swedish for.... "hi". Who would have guessed, huh?!

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